Saturday, January 21, 2012

Have you ever wanted to kill someone?

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Have you ever wanted to kill someone? I don't ask to incite violence, its a legitimate question. One that very few of us would trust ourselves to answer honestly. But if you have ever been slapped, punched, raped or repeatedly abused, you may have found that you have actually wished that person dead. It may not be that you fantasize about killing, as much as you just wish that person were somehow extricated from your life. Women who have suffered abuse for a long time may think about their abuser dying in a freak hunting or car accident. The logic is if the abuser died coincidentally then the abuse would stop and no one would have to be the bad guy when it came to ending the relationship. It is a sad, sick place to be in life where the only measure you have is hoping your abuser will die. 

The Word of God says ..."make no friends with a angry man, and with a furious man thou shalt not go...lest you learn his ways and get a snare unto thy soul..." I do not have to guess at an interpretation here. God is saying through the wisdom of the proverbs, that being around a violent angry man can bend you to learning to be just like him. It may just be my experience, but I have found it is true. Violence, doesn't have to begat Violence; but it sure as heck can. Especially for women who either stay a long time, or go back repeatedly. 
I have never wanted to kill someone...ok...well at least no one who hadn't beat, punched or raped me first...but then I just wanted them to magically disappear...Can you relate??? 

I guess that is the difference between us and them...they actually impose their wills on people...the rest of don't.

If you need immediate assistance, dial 911. 
The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Born to unusual, but nice, parents, Michelle/Shelby grew up rather uneventfully, living mainly in the deep south (Alabama). Later she would learn that it was her parents' love for her that not only brought them together, but had kept them together. And so life was ideal in many respects and distressing in others. Eventually though the family did scatter like leaves on an autumn morning. Fortunately she was able to extract a sincere appreciation for love, beauty, and an abiding respect for those who at least try.

The single greatest influence in her life was the remarkable time spent with her paternal grandmother;  it was under this influence that she thrived. Her grandmother introduced her to not only fine Literature, but also the Arts and the Opera. And it was beloved grandmother who told her that if she wanted to be a great writer she must first learn to be an avid reader.

Early adult life would be peppered with indecision, failings, and the haunting of things not learned in childhood. But as is the case with most sincere artist, out of the angst of life came a great capacity for creativity.

Shelby considers her writing a gift...a joy, a tremendous responsibility, and something that helps to define her life.
Ms. Anderson is a graduate of Oregon State University; and is also currently working on a master's degree.

She lives in very picturesque Central Oregon with her two children. 

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