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(Also being marketed in Internationally in countries like Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany...!!!)

A portion of the proceeds from novel help support local women's shelters

If you need immediate assistance, dial 911. 
The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Also being marketed in Internationally in Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany...!!!

Most of what I write about are mysteries, suspense and psychological drama. "The House that Silence Bought" is a fictionalize account of actual events, along those same lines. 

"Nothing can prepare single mom Lindy Ames for the nightmare that would plague her in April of 1999.
What Lindy first mistakes as signs of pneumonia in her six-month-old son, Jake, turn out to be something much worse, something potentially fatal. Doctors determine that Jake has been severely abused for a prolonged period of time and may not make it through the night. That night marked the beginning of the nightmare that was to become Lindy’s life for the next few years.
Upon learning that Jake’s abuse was inflicted by supposed family friend David Hardesty, who had taken Lindy and her children in when she was down on her luck, Lindy realizes she can trust no one. Then another shocking blow is dealt—her young daughter, Nikki, was abused as well.
During this painful period, Lindy cannot even turn to family for help. Profound family dysfunctions are revealed in the attempt to overcome the traumatic events. Lindy learns that her footing in her family had been precarious for many reasons, and uncovering those details leaves her just as scarred as any of the other pain she had ever faced.
Lindy must try to rebuild her life with only the help of God and the hope a relationship with him provides. Will Lindy ever escape from The House That Silence Bought?"

In May of 2000 I took my infant son into the hospital for what I thought was pneumonia. Less than two hours later I learned that my son was dying from having his skull crushed. He didn't have pneumonia; instead fluid was building up in his lungs as a result of traumatic brain injury.  Life, as I recalled before that evening, ended. Challenges like that would have been enough to try and process, only we lived in the deep South, where things can sometimes take a backseat to pride and proprieties. I was a writer before all of this; but watching my son of life support changed me. Everything was put on hold until the doctors could tell me that he was going to live; and that he had a shot a normal life. In the end the doctors told me me neither. It was miraculous when he came off of life support; but the only prognosis they gave is that they were basically sending him home to die.

This past May marked the eleventh year since these things happened. My son did survive; becoming permanently disabled; or as I like to call him, "differently abled".  In 2007 I was able to graduate from Oregon State University, dedicating the accomplishment to Jordan. I also have less than a year before being able to get my Masters in Criminal Justice. My other novels are maybe even better than this one; but to honor my son I submitted this one first. 

My definition of psychological drama normally means about the same as it does for other writers. In "The House that Silence Bought" it sifts through the kind of family dysfunction that facilitated my son's injuries. Billy, the person who almost killed Jordan, was someone my family and I had known and loved for over 20 years. Also, I was in the middle of a somewhat contentious divorce from a man who was abusive in nature; abusive to the point of my children and I relying on the assistance of a women's shelter. The kicker was that this man, the children's father, Richard, was also a friend of the family; and my family didn't want to believe he was abusive. I jokingly say that I got the children in the divorce and my family got my ex. It would be funny, or at least fun, had he not actually been abusive. To this day my incredibly dysfunctional family is friends with the guy. In any story there is, and should be, a lot more going on beneath the surface than what is seen at first. Since I had all of this swirling around my own life I thought it best to first write what I knew. I wrote it as fiction, because so much of the family still struggles with what they are able to process about themselves, the situation and my son Jordan as he is now. Situations like this can either bring out a person's best or their absolute worst. The novel cuts how it cuts; and lets readers decide for themselves on which side of the blade they reside.

Let me know if you can identify. 
Let know in what way I can be there for you. 


Michelle aka  Shelby Anderson

If you need immediate assistance, dial 911. 
The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Born to unusual, but nice, parents, Michelle/Shelby grew up rather uneventfully, living mainly in the deep south (Alabama). Later she would learn that it was her parents' love for her that not only brought them together, but had kept them together. And so life was ideal in many respects and distressing in others. Eventually though the family did scatter like leaves on an autumn morning. Fortunately she was able to extract a sincere appreciation for love, beauty, and an abiding respect for those who at least try.

The single greatest influence in her life was the remarkable time spent with her paternal grandmother;  it was under this influence that she thrived. Her grandmother introduced her to not only fine Literature, but also the Arts and the Opera. And it was beloved grandmother who told her that if she wanted to be a great writer she must first learn to be an avid reader.

Early adult life would be peppered with indecision, failings, and the haunting of things not learned in childhood. But as is the case with most sincere artist, out of the angst of life came a great capacity for creativity.

Shelby considers her writing a gift...a joy, a tremendous responsibility, and something that helps to define her life.
Ms. Anderson is a graduate of Oregon State University; and is also currently working on a master's degree.

She lives in very picturesque Central Oregon with her two children. 

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